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Transportation Emergency Response Team
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When disaster strikes, whether in the form of a crash, an accident, or any type of incident, Hall & Evans transportation clients know they can count on our Emergency Response team to react quickly. This team of attorneys, accident reconstructionists, and other transportation industry experts are available for legal support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They can quickly assess the facts of the incident and create a crisis response for the client. In addition to the immediate legal ramifications of such an incident, we also understand the long-term implications and help manage issues such as reputation and trust. We are here to provide peace of mind to our clients in the event of an emergency.


If any carrier needs immediate transportation legal support, do not hesitate to contact:


Lance Eberhart

303-628-3470 direct

303-628-3368 fax

303-915-5149 cell


Bruce Menk

303-628-3348 direct

303-825-4978 fax

303-773-6847 home

303-885-5058 cell

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