Inclusiveness At
Hall & Evans


Hall & Evans maintains a longstanding commitment to ensuring our firm reflects and enjoys the diversity of the community in which we practice and the clients we serve.  We benefit individually and collectively through an inclusive culture and are stronger for it.

H&E maintains an Inclusiveness Committee as a functional group within Hall & Evans, whose goal is to continue to move us towards diversity and inclusion through a variety of presentations and activities.

H&E’s robust Women’s Initiative is a forum for both networking and for group marketing by our female attorneys. The H&E WI sponsors marketing events outside the firm and occasionally brings in guests to offer in-house training and discussion. The members enjoy an informal monthly lunch where we have the opportunity to get to know and enjoy each other. As a group, we try to support each other in big and small ways to allow and encourage each of us to succeed and achieve our goals.

Hall & Evans is committed to addressing the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.  This value is expressed, in part, in our membership with the Center for Legal Inclusiveness.  CLI is dedicated to better understanding and effectively tackling the challenges of retention and advancement of diverse attorneys – a continuing struggle faced in the entire legal industry.  H&E utilizes the knowledge and resources offered by CLI to further its own efforts to address these challenges and is proud to sit on the CLI Board and participate in CLI’s outreach and educational efforts.

Pledge to Diversity

Hall & Evans, LLC is committed to attracting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce that reflects the diversity of both our clients and our community. We are very cognizant that the individual attorneys, managers and support staff we employ are our primary assets; without these skilled human resources, the legal advice and courtroom advocacy we provide to our clients would be diminished. We believe our diversity not only enables us to bring a broader perspective to the problems that our clients and community face, but also, it enriches our work environment. Hall & Evans has made it a high priority to devote the time and resources necessary in recruitment efforts and firm culture to attract and retain a workforce that embraces all levels of diversity such as race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender identity/expression, age, national origin, disabilities, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, or military status.

As evidence of our commitment, in 1993, Hall & Evans joined with twenty-three Denver law firms, in creating a plan to significantly increase the number of racially and ethnically diverse attorneys recruited, hired and promoted by Colorado law firms. We, along with the other participating law firms, signed a Pledge to Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Colorado law firms which resulted in the development of The Colorado Pledge to Diversity Clerkship Employment Program. The purpose of the Clerkship Program is to provide a means for exposing diverse law students to large law firms and in-house corporate departments with the long-term goal of increasing diverse hiring and retention. As part of its diversity outreach, Hall & Evans yearly hires a first-year law student through the Colorado Pledge to Diversity Clerkship Program.

We recognize that once hired, the success of a diverse employee is greatly impacted by the firm culture and employment environment; therefore, it is our goal to create and foster a firm-wide culture that supports and promotes diversity, so that all attorneys, managers and support staff, regardless of their background, feel welcome, included, valued, supported, and able to succeed. Consequently, recruiting, retaining and promoting talented individuals of diverse ethnicity are among the highest goals of our law firm.

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