Hall & Evans is a founding member and the exclusive Colorado member of the ALFA International legal network.  ALFA International (ALFAI) is the oldest legal network of its kind and remains one of the largest.  The organization is comprised of 150 member firms with 80 members in the United States and 70 members in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Mexico, and South America.  ALFAI’s member firms endeavor to provide their regional, national, and international clients with outstanding legal services at reasonable costs.  The ALFA International model enables Hall & Evans to draw upon the collective wisdom and experience of other ALFAI firms and provide highly efficient legal solutions to our clients.

With ALFA International lawyers and law firms in every jurisdiction responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALFAI has launched a COVID-19 Resources website to serve as a central repository of updates from ALFAI member firms.  The ALFA International COVID-Resources Page is updated daily and includes U.S. and International COVID-19 Quick Reference Guides, complimentary webinars, and news alerts on a variety of COVID-19 related legal issues.

Visit the ALFA International COVID-Resources Page for all types of coronavirus legal insights.