Daniel Furman

Daniel Furman is extensively quoted in the current edition of the Colorado Society of CPAs’ (COCPA) NewsAccount.  The article “Why it Matters: Being Involved in the State Legislative Process” focuses on how getting involved with the COCPA legislative advocacy program can assist in passing legislation that helps Colorado businesses succeed. Using House Bill 20-1420 as an example of what can happen when legislators don’t have a complete understanding of all of the bill’s implications, Furman provides insight on the importance of having a presence at the Capitol to advocate for the best interests of the COCPA, their clients, and the Colorado business community.

He states, “You want to have a voice on issues that impact you, and we understand CPAs, their clients, or their employers have full-time jobs and their own organizations to run. I’m at the Capitol for you, and I stay on top of the issues and bills that could impact your day-to-day business operations.”

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