Gina Rossi and Mamie Ling will co-present a webinar focusing on tactics for younger attorneys, often female, when dealing with patronizing and aggressive opposing counsel who are demeaning or otherwise unprofessional. The one-hour CLE panel, “Maintaining Standards of Professionalism in Dealing with Opposing Counsel: Keeping Your Cool When Opposing Counsel Isn’t” is being presented on Thursday, February 11th, from 4:05 to 5:05 PM MDT. Hosted by the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association (CDLA), the panelists will cover practice tips for how to react, applicable rules (rules of professional responsibility, local rules, etc.), and what more seasoned attorneys can do to help mentor the younger attorneys in these situations. The panel will also provide insight and build awareness on conduct that attorneys may not realize is patronizing or demeaning.

For more information and to register (CDLA members only), visit CDLA.