2020 Inclusiveness@Work Awards

Hall & Evans, LLC is honored to announce our 2020 Inclusiveness@Work Award presented by the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI).  Each year, CLI recognizes Colorado-based legal organizations and lawyers who are advancing diversity and creating cultures of inclusion in our workplaces and communities.  Hall & Evans won the 2020 award in the “Law Firm/Legal Department” category during the CLI’s 6th annual Ball for All Gala held February 29, 2020.  The Ball For All Gala was a Mardi Gras-themed celebration of the legal community’s efforts in creating a more diverse and inclusive society.  Hall & Evans is committed to addressing the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.  This value is expressed, in part, in our membership and leadership roles within CLI.  Hall & Evans utilizes the knowledge and resources offered by CLI to further its own efforts to address these challenges, and we are proud to participate in CLI’s outreach and educational efforts.

For more information about the Center for Legal Inclusiveness, visit https://centerforlegalinclusiveness.org.


Photos provided courtesy of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness.