Brian Molzahn, Matthew J. Ninneman, and Kevin D. Poyner recently contributed to the 2020 Supplement of The Practitioner’s Guide to Colorado Construction Law. First published in 2000, The Guide is the most comprehensive and complete treatment of Colorado construction law ever compiled.  The Guide has grown in size as well as reputation based upon the ever-increasing breadth of construction law in Colorado and the demonstrated expertise of the individual chapter authors.

Matthew Ninneman and Kevin Poyner co-authored the chapter on “The Construction Process and Parties,” which discusses commonly used and alternative project delivery methods, construction management activities and roles, and cost-risk structures on construction projects. Brian Molzahn authored the chapter on “Architect/Engineer Liability,” which focused on the role and responsibility for design professionals on construction and design projects, including analysis of contractual terms, statutory obligations and defenses, and caselaw impacting liability for the design professional.

For information on how to purchase The Guide, please visit the Colorado Bar Association’s CLE website.