In celebration of International Women’s Day, Hall & Evans is honoring an incredible woman who left an illustrious mark on history. Brooke Wunnicke was a legal pioneer in many ways, but becoming the first woman trial lawyer in Wyoming set the trail for others and her future career.

Despite litigating at a time when women were not allowed to serve on juries in Wyoming and starting her career as a solo practitioner “because no man then wanted to practice with a woman lawyer,” Brooke had a successful career. In fact, in all her years of practice, she never lost a civil jury trial. She was a prominent attorney, mentor, educator, published author, and the recipient of many honors and awards.

Brooke found time to mentor over 65 young attorneys, who referred to themselves as “Brooke’s Children.” She took a special interest in guiding women attorneys on issues of professional life, personal balance, and competing concepts of “success.”

Brooke spent the last 25 years of her career with Hall & Evans before retiring in 2011, and we will always be grateful for our association with our colleague and friend.

In early 2024, Brooke’s autobiography was published. Read all about the life of Brooke Wunnicke in Brooke at the Bar: Inside Our Legal System.