Christopher D. Bryan

Lance G. Eberhart

Lance Eberhart and Christopher Bryan recently attended the 2018 ALFA International Hospitality & Retail Practice Group Seminar in Key West, Florida.

Lance is the Chair Emeritus of ALFA’s Hospitality & Retail Law Practice Group and moderated the five-person panel on Reptile Theory, and Christopher presented on the topic.

In the session titled “Primal Fear,” the panel examined how plaintiffs attempt to play on the primitive instincts of juries to manipulate them in to delivering nuclear verdicts and how to combat the “Reptile Revolution” while educating the jury on the Reptile Theory.

Moderator Lance G. Eberhart and his “Primal Fear” panelists.

For more information on the Reptile Theory, view the course material, “Primal Fear: The Reptile Theory,” co-written by Lance Eberhart.