T. Thomas Singer

While attending The Litigation Counsel of America’s Annual Conference and Celebration of Fellows this summer, Tom Singer received the 2023 LCA Diversity Award.  The award recognizes his dedication to increasing equity and inclusion.  LCA is an invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society established to reflect the new face of the American bar. The composition of the LCA is aggressively diverse.  Membership is limited to 3,500 Fellows, representing less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers. At the conference, Tom also led a panel presentation called “Ain’t It a Shame: How Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality.”  The presentation explored whether America’s discrimination laws are counterproductive and discussed both alternative legal models and actions individuals can take in their own businesses and workplaces. Joining Tom on the panel were lawyers Marion Walker of Birmingham, AL, Sid Kanazawa of Los Angeles, CA, Cecilie Loidolt of Minneapolis, MN, and Marie Borland of Tampa, FL.