Benton J. Barton

Benton Barton will be speaking at the seventh annual Risk Control Seminar for Architects, Engineers, and Environmental Professionals at the Coors Field Events Center on Thursday, August 11, 2022.

Benton’s session is titled “The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook for Design Professionals.”  For most design professionals, the “worst-case scenario” is a substantial professional liability claim. Evaluating past claims allows us to evaluate what went wrong and how public health, safety and welfare may have been compromised—almost always inadvertently. Errors originate in proposed contracts; in interpretation of laws, codes, and regulations; in lender-requested documents; or in other ways. Benton will discuss how these issues can be identified, assessed, and mitigated—for the protection of all.  The morning seminar will also feature an interactive presentation by national insurance and risk control consultant Tim Corbett of SmartRisk, discussing “Improving Performance and Profitability” for architects, engineers, and environmental professionals.

The seminar was first conceived in 2014 and is hosted by Rick Van Oppen of the specialty broker Van Oppen & Co. 2, and is also supported by Brown & Riding, RLI Insurance Company, and SmartRisk. Following the seminar, we will enjoy food, drinks and the Colorado Rockies v. St. Louis Cardinals ballgame in the Rockies Home Plate Suite.

Link for additional information and registration.