Benton J. Barton

Benton Barton will be speaking at the 4th Annual Risk Control Seminar for Architects, Engineers, and Environmental Professionals at the Coors Field Events Center on Wednesday, April 11th.

Benton’s session, “Winning the First Inning: Smart Ways to Proactively Deal with Project Risks,” will focus on the business and legal strategies that design and consulting firms can employ to minimize current risks and position themselves better in future claims.  The morning seminar will also feature a timely and interactive presentation by national insurance and risk control consultant Tim Corbett of SmartRisk, discussing what the best firms do every day in these areas.  The seminar was conceived and is hosted by Rick Van Oppen of the specialty broker Van Oppen & Co. 2 and is also supported by Vertex Engineering.  Following the seminar, we will watch the Colorado Rockies v. San Diego Padres baseball game in the Rockies’ Warning Track Suite.

Link for additional information and registration.