Hall & Evans attorneys David M. Jones and Lynn R. Kuznitz received a complete defense verdict for a dentist in Arapahoe County District Court. The case involved the dentist’s extraction of Plaintiff’s lower right wisdom tooth, after which infection of the mandible developed, and then the jaw fractured. The Plaintiff required removal of a portion of his right jaw bone and extensive reconstructive surgery. Plaintiff sought to recover expenses for his medical and surgical treatment, lost wages, and for permanent painful altered sensation, and pain and suffering. The defense overcame criticisms from Plaintiff including allegedly failing to appropriately prescribe pre- and post-surgical antibiotics; failing to timely diagnose osteomyelitis; and failing to timely refer the patient to an oral surgeon for treatment. David and Lynn’s defense satisfied the jury that the dentist’s treatment was reasonable, and did not cause the Plaintiff’s admittedly unfortunate medical outcome.