Hall & Evans’ attorneys Kenneth H. Lyman, Bob Weiner, Meggan J. Nicholas, and April C. Connally recently obtained a directed verdict on behalf of a horseback riding stable after four days of trial in Colorado’s Larimer County District Court.

The case involved a guided recreational horse riding activity in Estes Park, Colorado, where Plaintiff fell off their horse, allegedly resulting in a mild to moderate concussion. Colorado law recognizes that people who participate in equine activities may incur injuries as a result of the inherent risks involved with horses and limits the civil liability of those people, with the intent to encourage equine activities. Plaintiff also signed a waiver releasing the stable from liability and was unable to provide evidence suggesting gross negligence.

After Plaintiff rested their case, Hall & Evans moved for a directed verdict on Plaintiff’s claims. Following additional argument, in consideration of the evidence presented at trial and the facts of the case, the Motion for Directed Verdict was granted by the Court, ultimately resulting in dismissal of the case.  Obtaining a directed verdict is a rare occurrence, given that the Court must view the evidence in the light most favorable to the party against whom the verdict is directed, and no reasonable jury could reach a decision to the contrary.