Workers' Compensation

Hall & Evans’ Workers’ Compensation Practice Group represents national self-insured employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation matters throughout Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients in an expeditious manner.

We provide proactive and comprehensive services to our clients including:

  • Client consultation;
  • Appearance at prehearings, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations;
  • Preparation of settlement documents;
  • Appellate advocacy;
  • Ongoing client training and sponsorship of informational seminars regarding changes in the workers’ compensation statute, rules, and procedures; and
  • Representation of our clients’ best interests before rule-making agencies and the legislature.

Issues we address range from the more routine accident, compensability, and disability issues to the extremely complex matters such as occupational diseases, substantial and permanent aggravation, large loss cases, and cases with no definite ending. We not only specialize in representing clients from a claim’s inception, but we also take over large-loss cases that have an extensive history, and we formulate a plan and direction to move that case to closure.

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act has undergone numerous and frequent changes in recent years, and we address those changes by providing our clients advice on a case-by-case basis, as well as sponsoring training and information seminars. We are active in working with legislators at the Colorado State Assembly to formulate new laws that protect business and industry, while mitigating any new proposed statutes that increase costs and expenses in workers’ compensation matters.

Our Approach

The philosophy of our workers’ compensation attorneys is to provide the best quality legal services to our clients while keeping legal costs under control. Our representation strategy is based on extensive analysis of case merits, combined with innovative insight into possible outcomes and alternatives. We have access to excellent resources in the medical, vocational, and medical management fields, and our goal is to quickly and cost effectively settle our clients’ cases that can be settled, and to litigate aggressively those cases that cannot. The Workers’ Compensation Practice Group receives approximately 100 to 120 litigated claims per year, and we take approximately 40 to 50 cases to hearing/ trial per year.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ business interests, thus enabling us to provide the best counsel and advice to effectively and efficiently resolve each and every one of our clients’ workers’ compensation claims.

Medicare Set-Aside

Our Workers’ Compensation practice also handles Medicare compliance and Medicare set-asides and is dedicated to navigating the ever-changing, complex regulations for our clients across the country. This group has expanded due to the need for distinct advice and assistance with secondary payer issues, including section 111 reporting, and conditional payment claims and supports the Worker’s Compensation division of the firm.

This emerging area of law, with the possibility of severe penalties, requires exceptional client service to ensure compliance with complex federal laws. Our attorneys keep our clients informed of the ever changing requirements and are here to make Medicare compliance as simple as possible.