Real Estate Litigation

Our Real Estate Litigation department is made up of attorneys who all have prior real estate-specific experience and can advise and assist clients with many different types of real estate matters. We provide legal advice to clients from all corners of the real estate market: owners, investors, tenants, lenders and professionals. Our attorneys provide legal services for the simplest of matters, such as friendly negotiations, all the way up to complex, multi-party litigation.
  • Appraiser and Real Estate Broker professional liability
  • Boundary, easement and adverse possession disputes
  • Commercial and residential lease disputes and evictions
  • Conveyance disputes
  • Lender liability
  • Loan modifications, restructuring and workouts
  • Mechanic’s lien and Homeowner Association (HOA) lien foreclosures
  • Mortgage/Deed of Trust disputes
  • Personal guarantees
  • Property tax assessments and liens, including property valuation disputes
  • Public Trustee foreclosures and redemptions
  • Purchase & Sale contract disputes, including escrow, specific performance, post-closing adjustments, warranties and fraud/mistake disputes
  • Quiet title actions, lis pendens and lien priority disputes
  • Title insurance company/Escrow agent liability