Public Entity

Hall & Evans’ Public Entity Practice Group provides a full spectrum of litigation defense and risk management advice to a wide range of Colorado public entities, including the State of Colorado and its agencies, boards and departments, as well as a large number of the State’s counties, municipalities of all sizes, school districts, special districts, and numerous public officials and public employees.

This group practice emphasizes the defense of public entities and their employees in litigation and alternative dispute resolution efforts arising from federal civil rights and discrimination matters, employment claims, general tort liability, issues related to governmental or sovereign immunity, municipal law, and public education. As litigation counsel, a comprehensive analysis of risks and benefits regarding specific litigation strategies is provided in the course of providing a vigorous defense on behalf of represented public entities and officials. In addition, legislative and administrative representation intended to enhance and assist public entity operations is provided to many of our government clients.

Matters handled by our public entity attorneys involve:

  • Claims alleging constitutional violations brought pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983, including First Amendment issues;
  • Due process, property, equal protection and liberty claims;
  • Police liability; contracts; claims arising from the employment relationship, including claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  • Allegations of discrimination, including race, religion, age, sex, national origin, and disability; sexual harassment claims;
  • General tort litigation;
  • Zoning;
  • Land use; and
  • Regulatory and licensing matters.

Additionally, our group consults extensively with public officials on risk management issues, legislative drafting, and analysis of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act and other statutory provisions affecting public entities and public officials. Group members also provide assistance and testify in relation to attorney fees litigation and perform or assist with sexual harassment investigations. The members lecture on a frequent basis respecting the various issues confronting public entities.